Wish List!

FOF would love for you to sponsor an event or project from our school “wish list”!

If you wish to donate to a particular item on the “wish list,” then the FOF monies typically used to support that item are then available for other worthy projects at Franklin!  You can select an item to sponsor in full, or simply make a contribution toward a particular item.  Some of these projects or events have already passed for this year, but your donation to that item will be used for next year’s event.  The wish list will be updated on an ongoing basis so please check back. Your contributions will be recognized on this site.

Wish List: 

FoF has  set up an Amazon Wish List on behalf of our classrooms. Check out the selection of books for all grade levels on Amazon by Clicking HERE.

Also, here are some other BIG ways you can help out!

  • FAME Night ~ $2,308.03  – Our Teachers’ premiere event: Annual Family Activities in Math & Science Exploration Night. You can also be a FAME night hero by bringing Lola the Sloth back, building our giant interactive whale or supporting another portion of the many fantastic ideas that our Ms. Perez organizes for this night. Contact Mrs. Perez with questions about being a FAME hero!
  • International Sing ~ $757.84 (fall 2013)  – Ms. Aimee brings the school together with culturally diverse show stoppers.
  • Holiday Tree  ~ $175.00  (winter 2013) – adorned with handmade ornaments from every classroom recognizing various holiday traditions.
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon ~ $500.00  (spring 2014) Once a year we treat the Teachers and Staff to a luncheon filled with gratitude.
  • Accelerated Reader ~ $3,295.54
  • BrainPOP, BrainPOPJr., BrainPOPEspanol ~ $1,575.00 – Help us provide the exciting online learning program to families at home.
  • Franklin Times School Paper ~ $700.00 – Tap into your inner newspaper mogul and keep the presses rolling.
  • Percussion Instruction  ~ $800.00
  • Classroom Contribution   ~ Sponsor 1 classroom for $250 or the whole grade for $1000!
    • Kindergarten ~ $1,000.00
    • First Grade ~ $1,000.00
    • Second Grade ~ $1,000.00
    • Third Grade ~ $1,000.00
    • Fourth Grade ~ $1,000.00
    • Fifth Grade ~ $1,000.00